House of Tomorrow Showcase


Kalair Residence

Las Vegas, NV


Residential, Technology Showcase “House of Tomarrow”


30,000 sq ft, 4 level


30,000 sq ft Showcase home to feature innovative, sustainable, cutting edge, ground-breaking methods, devices, strategies. These features will be visible throughout the house, and will be showcased through tours and a television show documenting the entire design/build process.

Key Features to include:
Entry Atrium with operable roof panels
Stair Tower from Basement to Roof, also used as cooling/ventilation tower
Vertical structural/mechanical columns
Fireplace/Chimney Towers
Water features for aesthetics and heating and cooling
3 story Master Suite with secret stair and secret exit Tunnel
Equipment/Auto Lift to basement
Spas, Theater, and Wine Cellar
Pistol Range
Retracting glass wall panels at south wall
Roof overhangs for shade
Private stairs/passage ways
Patios, decks, balconies
Glass floor panels
Roof deck with amenities
Geothermal source heating/cooling
Photovoltaic and Water Solar panels

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