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Mesa Design, LLC includes a multi-disciplinary team of architectural professionals who offer expertise to any building project. We are experienced in both residential and commercial construction, with an emphasis on good design, no matter what the Project. From Custom Residential to remodels and additions, All resulting in distinguished, elegant and modern designs that are as practical as they are visually appealing. Building Project Types Completed: Custom Residential Guest House/Casitas/Cabins Timber Frame/Post and Beam Commercial Offices Commercial T.I. Mixed-Use Retail Stores Restaurants and Bars Bakeries Coffee Shop Art galleries Art Studio Workshop Dental Office Equestrian Barns Arena Veterinary Clinics Veterinary: Dog, Cat, Horse, Parrots Hotels Lodges Ranch Retreat Multi-Family Child Daycare Center Elderly Care Centers Planetarium Observatory Performance Stage Airport Terminal Medical Office Pharmacy Liturgical Fitness Center Park pavilions Solar Arrays

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Robert (Bob) Kaczowka Architect AIA

Robert Kaczowka is the founding Principal of MESA Design, LLC and has over thirty years of experience in Architectural Design, Construction and Planning. Robert graduated with honors from the New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Architecture. Starting his career in Connecticut and New York, Robert was exposed to the historic roots of New England and the progressive innovative buildings of New York City. Then a move to the West Coast unleashed a passion for the natural beauty of the American West. Rather than trends or reactions, Kaczowka’s approaches to design—listening to the Client, the land, building with environmental sensitivity, and embracing all facets of a site’s culture—have shaped his philosophy from the beginning of his career. His spiritual connection to his work, in tandem with a passion for technology, is credited as the reason that he has been and continues to be a leading figure in the Architecture of the American West. Holding Architectural Licensing in 5 states, Robert continues to create buildings which manifest his profound sense of interpreting each Client’s vision and desires, scale, beauty and the honest use of materials. His solutions are both pragmatic and poetic, merging established vernacular forms with a Natural Modern aesthetic.

What our clients Have to say

"The Design of the exterior completely exceeded my expectations! I get so many compliments on the 'curb appeal' of my home, and I couldn't be happier. If you are looking for an experienced Architect and Partner, Robert is your guy! Robert was extremely helpful and really coached me through the entire process, and made a point to meet with me whenever I came to town. My house is gorgeous, and that is all thanks to Robert! Robert also worked closely with me and my builder throughout the building process, checking things as it went along, as I was not in town. Robert continues to support me by answering questions and offering recommendations when they arise."

- Bethany Ebling

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The Difference between Drawing/drafting and Design

While every architect can be a draftsman, not every draftsman is an Architect. The difference in "drafting up a set of plans" versus "Designing a Home" is night and day. An Architect is a licensed professional, with years of schooling and training, versed in making something beautiful and Inspiring. A draftsman usually has technical experience in producing a set of plans, while not the Design background and education required to achieve Architectural Excellence.

Benefits of Complete Architectural Services

We cover everything, from needs assessment and site analysis; to design and construction management. Mesa Design, LLC has a proven track record for developing customized strategies through our active collaboration with our clients. We take great pride in the projects we undertake and remain dedicated to our Clients through the completion of the project. Some of our services include:

Maximize Functional Design

From simple to complex buildings, we begin each project with the Clients' objectives in mind. We study the Site, the Views, the path of the Sun, the Zoning and Codes, the arrival process and many other parameters of the project, then infuse the Design with function, practicality, uniqueness, until the Client and all building parameters are satisfied.

Develop preventive solutions:

As licensed Architects, our job is to foresee the Future! We anticipate patterns in daily life that a Client will experience in their Home or Building, how a material will age and resist weather, how a current design will be Timeless and relevant in the future and make sure that the architecture accommodates all these issues and many more.

Analyze building needs:

In addition to drawing sketches of houses or floor plans, Architecture requires a high level of intuitiveness. A lot of work goes into creating, designing and remodeling buildings and homes and creating a "Building Program" is one of the first important steps. It addresses the specific functions, spaces, adacencies .